Replicating a MySQL RDS Instance in Another VPC Within the Same Region

aws rds mysql vpc replica


Within the same AWS region, I want to create a MySQL replica in a different VPC, where the source is the MySQL primary.

I need this to happen without any interruption to the current MySQL primary instance.

This assumes that both instances will be in private subnets.

Whereas multi-region replicas are available out-of-the-box in RDS, creating replicas in different VPCs within the same region is not automated.


MySQL replication works by copying binary logs from the MySQL primary instance, and running queries against the replica instance. To set up replication in an instance with a lot of data, we need to copy the data, and mark the position where this data ended to mark where we should begin replicating the latest data.

Create a new read replica against the primary instance. Read replicas can be created without downtime.

Connect to the new read replica, and stop replication. We do not have the MySQL permissions to do this directly, but we can call an RDS specific stored procedure:

CALL mysql.rds_stop_replication;

Find the log coordinates at this point:


The lines we require are:


Make a copy of these values for safe keeping.

Create a snapshot of the new replica.

Provision a new instance from the snapshot into the VPC you wish to replicate to.

On the primary instance, connect to the MySQL console, and set up a user that will be used for replication:

'repl_user'@'' IDENTIFIED BY '<password>';

On the new replica instance in the new VPC, open up the MySQL console and set up MySQL replication using the details we fetched in a previous step.

To find the primary instance address, ping the primary instance to discover the private IP.

CALL mysql.rds_set_external_master ('<primary ip>', 3306, 'repl_user',
'<password>', '<master_log_file value>', <master_log_pos value>, 0);

Start replication:

CALL mysql.rds_start_replication;

View status with:


At this point, replication should be ready, but will not work if VPC peering has not yet been configured. Please see Amazon documentation on creating a VPC peer and setting up route tables.

The read replica that we created to take the snapshot of can be deleted.

If you need to create read replicas from the new instance, backups should be enabled (they are disabled by default).

Security groups should also be set up to allow communication between the new replica and the primary instance.