Memory Loss (Nightmare / Content Warning)

I was out with friends in Manchester, having a good time and having a drink. A face looked at me.

We were in a bar, and I started to feel extremely drunk, and I was unable to focus on anything.

My friends suggested going to a club, but to get into the club you had to “lean in”. I was unable to do this because I was unable to focus on what I was doing.

I told them that I was going back to my hotel.

The next thing I remember is walking back through a creepy part of the city, to try and find my way back.

I realised my drink had been spiked, and I had memory loss. I was suddenly nearby a group of men who admitted to spiking me, taking me back to their house, and did things to me.

I asked them what they spiked me with. They told me they had spiked me with AIDS. I repeatedly asked them what they had really spiked me with, but they kept saying the same thing.

I found my way back to the hotel, but it was in the evening. The hotel manager said I needed to checkout. I then realised my bank account had been emptied.

I said I would try to find another hotel because I was unable to drive back that evening.

I attempted to find a new hotel, and on my way to a bus stop to get there, a man said something to me. I took the hat off his head and threw it into the road.

A group of his friends surrounded me, and said they were going to kick my head in.

Then I woke up.